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Tourism Adventure 4x4

Come to Sierra de la Ventana and be prepared to, because we are not going to give you a breath. You are going to cover the Tierra Ventana, we have countless activities, Tierra Ventana will make unforgettable your visit to our lands, we have the best for you, and then when you´ll return to your hometown, you´ll have as well as the pictures, some little thing in your heart, and a big welfare sensation, if we achieve that, then we´ll have performed our objective. If you come….you´ll enjoy it!.

Sierra de la Ventana is a little town situated in the Austral Hills of Buenos Aires province. These hills were formed by palaeozoic rocks composed by Quartz, Goethite, Pyrite, Magnetite and Hematite.


logotierraventana Cerro Ventana´s base camp. Geographical features of the Sauce Grande river. Abra de la Ventana´s paths; hikking on the hillsides through a panoramic site where we´ll have "mate", more than 600 m a s l. Then a leafy forest, and the nature reserve´s museum. We´ll drive the placid afforrested paths of Villa Ventana; optional: guided tour to the Ex Club Hotel of Sierra de la Ventana and museum.

Enjoy it!!!




Duration 4 hs.

Reservation: here

logotierraventana Interweaving hillocks, valleys and hills we´ll enjoy a truly photographic safari. We´ll drive on 4x4 to a variety of landscapes, we´ll see all kind of wild animals (ñundúes, llamas, ibexes, coypus, deers, wild boars and merines among others) We´ll also ascend to almost 450 m a s l to the panoramic Cerro Tigre´s hilltop, observing big groups of animals and enourmous "water eyes", we´ll have mate with typical sweet cakes and the clear explanation of our guide, the music?...is another ingredient.

Explore it!!



Duration: 3 hs.

Reservation: here


Loving the nitgh, we will go into the mountains, setting up our observation post we will start this exciting adventure, solar system, deep space, worldview of native peoples, zodiacal wheel and much more! we have the best SKYWATCHER team.



Duration: 2 hs

Reservation: here


Hace mas de 12 años que nuestro Guía usa ropa especializada Outdoor



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