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Adventure crossings 4x4 2009: In all excursions we could have the chance to see native trees and birdwatch native species, with respective explanations of the guide. Any of our crossings could be suspended by drizzles or snow, because it is an all terrain 4x4 unit, with safety and rescue equipments, it only depends on the trippers group decision. *Children below 2 years old free of charges.

First Crossing: Cerro Ventana (cashuati)



Cerro Ventana´s base camp. Geographical features of the Sauce Grande river. Abra de la Ventana´s paths; hikking on the hillsides through a panoramic site where we´ll have "mate", more than 600 m a s l. Then a leafy forest, and the nature reserve´s museum. We´ll drive the placid afforrested paths of Villa Ventana; optional: guided tour to the Ex Club Hotel of Sierra de la Ventana and museum.

Enjoy it!!!




Duration 4 hs.

Reservation: here

Second Crossing: Cerro Tigre (Genuino safari Fotográfico)



Interweaving hillocks, valleys and hills we´ll enjoy a truly photographic safari. We´ll drive on 4x4 to a variety of landscapes, we´ll see all kind of wild animals (ñundúes, llamas, ibexes, coypus, deers, wild boars and merines among others) We´ll also ascend to almost 450 m a s l to the panoramic Cerro Tigre´s hilltop, observing big groups of animals and enourmous "water eyes", we´ll have mate with typical sweet cakes and the clear explanation of our guide, the music?...is another ingredient.

Explore it!!

Duration: 3 hs.

Reservation: here

Third Crossing: Garganta de los Ingleses (Salto de Agua en piletas naturales)



In the prettiest of  River Sauce Grande’s basins and Ventania`s Valley we are going to visit the ruins of an old English  fauces tap , walking through vast cliffs with aerial fauna, ascent to La Toma hill , luxuriant forest, aromatics, springs of rising water, water eyes and excepcional sights at 360ª to big chains. Finally we are going to explore the very core of the basin through a pass with spring water and cristal clear falls in full contact with nature. Returning we are going to see sedimentary trees of thousand of years.



Duration: 4 hs

Reservation: here

Four Crossing: Astrotravesía (Night Rally)



At night on 4x4, we´ll entry a marshy, rocky no paths field, with a leafy grove and in the absolut darkness we´ll cross the river many times right to the heart of the Estuary Sauce Grande, the stories and explanations we´ll be in charge of our locutor, surrounded by lushy vegetation, night habits fauna and strange noises, we´ll dispose ourselves to observe our fair sky through  a big telescope, with some thing to drink, and tasty handcrafted sweet cakes.

                                 Get amazed!!!




Duration: 1:45 hs

Reservation: here

Travesía 5: Ascenso al Cerro Tres Picos (Cumbre de la Provincia de BA)

Reservation: here

Travesía 6: Ascenso al Cerro Ventana (Monumento Natural Cerro Ventana)

Reservation: here


Reglamento interno : Los pasajeros abordan la excursión en su lugar de hospedaje en un radio de 5 Km. dentro del Pueblo de Sierra de la Ventana, para los restantes el guía le indicara cual es el punto de encuentro. Mínima cantidad de pasajeros para la excursión 4 (cuatro) y máximo 10 (diez) Las reservas son diarias y se arman grupos de un día al otro. Tierraventana se reserva el derecho de admisión y permanencia en el grupo.

Tierraventana - Alojamiento y Turismo Aventura 4x4


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